Sinful delicacies served on a silver platter

At Baradighi, food is an indulgence as well as an art. Our chefs come up with the best of culinary treats which are served to guests with sophistication.


Breakfast is at the gazebo. Indian, European, and seasonal cuisines are available with all customization possible. Served in chosen chinaware the fresh garden produce reaches you with newspaper lined trolleys with preferred tea. The best to have at the tea lovers' paradise.

Tea Planter’s Picnic Lunch

In the earlier days, the estate managers used to conduct field inspections across this vast area of tea gardens on foot or horseback. At mid-day, they would break for lunch under the shade of a tree or a makeshift hut. At Baradighi, we keep this tradition alive. Tea Planter's Picnic Lunch is served either in the dining room or on a picturesque location of the day, flaunting the aromatic Continental, Mexican, and Indian food, served with corresponding beverages – chhanch, lassi, and the lunchtime tea.

Afternoon Snacks

Afternoon Snacks is ritual that is followed at Baradighi since ages. The ritual that was introduced in Britain, has been taken forward with the Baradighi Tea Experience saga. The spread of sandwiches, mostly cut delicately into 'fingers', scones with clotted cream, sweet pastries and cakes to relive the good old days while seeing the sunset at the tea estate.


The rich aromatic flavours of indigenously grown tea in the estate is infused together with the carefully chosen spices used to cook the sumptuous dinner. At Baradighi, we grow distinctly different varieties of teas, and each lends a different effect to the types of ingredients and methods of preparation. Hosted at the Sir John Burder dining room, dinner at Baradighi begins at 9pm, served with soups of chef’s choice and a drink from the bar. The cuisine is nicely spread between Chinese, Kebabs, Indian Curries, and English roasts. Vegetables and herbs grown in the kitchen garden are used to entice your palate.

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