Amenities & Experiences at Baradighi

The amenities and experiences at Baradighi Tea Estate include a sports complex with Golf, Tennis, Badminton, and Basketball, a children's play area with slides and swings, and a room called "Galikamra" which is on the first floor and has board games and antique fittings with views of the gardens. The hotel also has a Spa, with a well-trained ayurvedic therapist who does ayurvedic treatments and massages. In addition, guests can enjoy scenic walks and hikes, bird watching from the Kanchenjunga Deck, a wildlife safari at Gorumara, rafting and boating at the Jaldakha River, cycling and walks in the tea gardens, and evening bonfires with tribal dance performances. Guests can also participate in tea plucking, tasting, and tours of the factory, and enjoy a feast from the organic garden.
Beat the heat with North Bengals largest pool

Fun & Relaxation at the
Neer Jardines

Enjoy a relaxed dip at our resort pool, named Neer Jardines, equipped with a deck, changing rooms and all other amenities to make fun blend with comfort.
Malbazzar and Baradighi, a bird water's paradise

Bird Watching at
Kanchenjunga Deck

Birdwatching is a popular activity at Baradighi Bungalow, with over 200 species of birds in the surrounding area. The Kanchenjunga Deck, located on the first floor of the bungalow, serves as an ideal vantage point for birdwatching. One can also visit nearby spots.
Early morning safaris to forest reserves

Wildlife Safari at
Gorumara & More

Experience the thrill of a lifetime on our wildlife safari at Gorumara National Park, home to Bengal tigers, Indian rhinos, and more. Book your safari today and witness the beauty of nature up close.
Rafting, Boating and more

Waterfront actives at
Jaldakha River

The Jaldakha River is a thrilling destination for adventure seekers, offering activities such as rafting and boating. Experience the thrill of navigating the white-capped waves and taking in the stunning surroundings. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-timer, the Jaldakha River, only minutes away from Baradighi has something for everyone.
Explore the massive estate

Cycling & Walks
in the Tea Gardens

Experience the beauty of nature on a bike ride through the stunning tea gardens at Baradighi Bungalow. Take in the breathtaking views and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings as you explore the property on two wheels. Our dedicated cycle trail and quality mountain bikes make it the perfect activity for all ages and abilities.
Get active with loads of fun

Tennis, Golf, Badminton,
Basket Ball & More

Experience the thrill of playing a round of golf, hitting some balls on the tennis court, or scoring a basket on our basketball court. The sports complex at Baradighi also includes badminton and a children's play area with slides and swings. Come have some fun and stay active during your stay with us.
Boardgames, Books & Views

The homely serenity of

The Galikamra is a beautiful room on the first floor of Baradighi The Bungalow, filled with antique fittings and board games. With stunning views of the gardens, it's the perfect spot to relax and unwind. Spend an afternoon playing games or simply enjoying the peaceful surroundings.
Rejoice the winter evening

Tribal Dance &
Evening Bonfires

Experience the rich culture and traditions of the local tribes through captivating dance performances around the bonfire at Baradighi Bungalow. Perfect for a memorable evening of entertainment and bonding with loved ones.
A guided tour in the world of Tea

Tea Plucking, Tasting &

Experience the tea process from plucking to tasting and take a tour of our factory. Learn about the history and production of tea at Baradighi Bungalow.
Pluck your meal from the grand organic garden

Feast from the
Organic Garden

Experience the freshest flavors from our organic garden, where every meal is a celebration of locally-grown ingredients. From morning tea to dinner, our chefs create delicious dishes that showcase the best of the season. Take a tour of our garden and learn about sustainable agriculture, or join us for a tea plucking and tasting session to discover the secrets of crafting the perfect cup
The uniques of Baradighi

Tea Nursery, School
Visit & Graffiti

Visit the local school or the Tea Nursery at the Estate, on the theme of getting younger, pick up a spray can and draw the walls like the child in you.