Forests, Luxury & So Much More

Adjacent to some of the most renowned national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in the region, Baradighi offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the wild and seek an unforgettable adventure. The lush forests surrounding the property are home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, and a jungle safari into these lands is an experience like no other.
Flora & Fauna of Dooars


Mere minutes away from destinations like the Gorumara National Park, Buxa Tiger Reserve & the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary
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Nestled in the 507 Hectares of our Baradighi Tea Estate, wake to the aromas of coveted brews.
Old Antiques at Baradighi


Established in 1819, the estate is a Heritage Property with stories & traditions spanning a century
Guests of Baradighi at their Gorumara Tour
The Hand drawn Map Of Baradighi Tea Estate

See The Experience Before You Feel it.

Rooms & Suites

Each of our suites are designed to give our guests a taste of the English sophistication with king-sized beds made of teak and accompanied by antique furniture and elegant lighting. From the furniture, decor to even the name, everything is on theme.
From ₹ 15K
Royal Douglas & Malcom Suites

Royal Douglas & Malcom Suites

From ₹ 15,000
These suits offer scenic views of the tea estate and re-define hotel rooms with their royal fittings & spacious 450 Sq. Ft interiors.
From ₹ 15k
Hunter Arundall Suite

Hunter Arundall Suite

From ₹ 15,000
Legend speaks of the fierce hunter who towered over the estate, now the room is a view point for the Kanchenjunga & the tea estate.
The Bed at our Royal Suit
From ₹ 17.5K
I.F Morris Suite

I.F Morris Suite

From ₹ 17,500
The Crown Jewel Of Baradighi & the legacy of the Burra Sahib. This spacious 800 Sq. Ft suit boasts a grand sunrise view overlooking the estate.
From ₹ 15k
Tillabari & George Mckinly Suites

Tillabari & George Mckinly Suites

From ₹ 15,000
These luxurious 450 Sq. Ft rooms have a magnificent view of the resort gardens and are easily accessible by being on the ground floor.
From ₹ 12k
Baradighi Wellness Villa

Wellness Villa

From ₹ 12,000
Once host to the honoured guests of the empire, the Wellness Villa is a uber-lux bungalow with two rooms, private kitchen, dining and more.

What People Say?

The Bungalow has hosted its best. Legend has it that the Viceroy of India was resident there in 1945. He was on his way to Darjeeling when the servants in his entourage heard of the beauty of the tea estates in Dooars.