Welcome to Baradighi

Enter the world of tea tourism with an aroma that captivates your senses and soothes your weary soul

The old English tune sings a song of its own, and the soft patter of tea cups clinking into saucers take you back to an era gone by; find the souvenir of imperial charm at Baradighi – The Bungalow where you will re-discover the elegance of the last century. An emblem of reminiscence, this forest bungalow in Dooars educes thoughts of aristocratic elegance as soon as you step foot in it. The stone flooring of the construction is covered in rich carpets, and the entrance portico is furnished with vintage sofa sets. The living quarters boast of fireplaces, king-size beds made of teak, luxurious dressing rooms, connected bath tubs, and antique lighting. Featuring hat racks, coat hangers, double-doors to the rooms with netted doors, and ancient telephones, the rooms are furnished with an old-world charm. Furniture, artefacts, fireplaces and wall linings are all well-preserved. Nostalgia is served on a silver platter here!
Hidden in the evergreen depths of Dooars Valley, Baradighi – The Bungalow is a majestic property spread over 507 hectares of tea plantations.The estate produces some of the region’s most appreciated teas, known for its rich pedigree to buyers and drinkers alike.

Into the Wilderness

Setting voyage into some of the country’s best national parks

Baradighi – The Bungalow is adjacent to some of the most well-known national parks and wildlife sanctuaries located in the region. Dooars is home to rich ecological biodiversity. Seek an unforgettable adventure as you go for a jungle safari into the wild forests.

Explore the
dense forests of
North Bengal
A short ride
away from
Baradighi Estate
Get lost
in the raw beauty
of exotic flora and fauna

Tea Tourism

Experience the Finest of Tea Tourism in Dooars

Wake up to the sweet aroma of tea leaves that transport your senses to realms of royal British charm. The Baradighi Tea Estate is home to a sprawling 507 hectares of tea plantations. Currently owned by Rydak Syndicate Limited, this forest bungalow in Dooars is surrounded by tea plantations producing some of the most appreciated varieties of tea in this region.
Traverse through a memorable tea trailing experience in our gardens.

Cycling around the tea garden

Experiencing the fine art of tea tasting

Witnessing the labour of love that goes in picking tea leaves


Blissful mix of outdoor fun and indoor relaxation


Sinful delicacies served on a silver platter

At Baradighi – The Bungalow, we believe consumption of food is not just for sustenance; it is an indulgence as well as art. Serving cuisines from the entire world, our fine dining experience is gastronomically pleasurable and served with English sophistication.

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